Global search and rescue missions.

Specialized in dangerous missions, GPS carries out "Search and Rescue" missions around the globe, and aids in the search for missing persons through observation and intelligence investigations on the ground. We are experienced negotiators in abductions and handle ransom situations for private clients and insurance companies.

Even under the most difficult conditions, we evacuate our clients from any country, organize ambulances with medical care, and safely transport them home. Each of our team members are trained in first aid and experienced in the application of emergency measures. On request, we provide medically trained paramedics or doctors as the travel companion of injured persons. For rescue and recovery operations in rough terrain, specialized search units, heavy equipment, as well as experienced dog handlers are available.

Mobile medical services
For business trips with larger groups of people, GPS provides a mobile medical service. Experienced rescue medics accompany the groups providing emergency medical care and organize an ambulance and rapid medical assistance if necessary.
We find, rescue, and recover
Whether it’s escorted ambulance services in the home country, professional mountain rescue from ski areas, hostage rescue or the global search for missing persons, GPS puts together the best team of experts and guarantees professional execution of the mission.